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How do I know whether this App will work on my phone?

If you have a windows mobile phone or one of the phone highlighted on our 'compatibility check' page then the application will work on your device, if you are still not sure click on the link to send me a text to 'tryit'.

How do I install the App?

Click on the link provided either by text or from your email, this will launch the download of our installation file. From there follow the information on screen.

I have no data on my Graph page?

If you have not used the app for a period of more than 5 days, your graph information will be out of date, therefore you will need to wait for new data to be acquired to gain your latest information.

I have installed the App but cannot find the icon to start it?

The app will be installed to your programs folder, this will very from device to device but for windows mobiles devices this will be under 'Start' - 'Program Files'.

I appear to always be roaming?

To save data costs our software checks that you are not abroad or away from your home network, check the setting our your phone alternatively talk to your service provider.

My scanner display always states 'who's there?'

For the scanner to correctly identify people nearby you must be within 10 meters of another phone with bluetooth enabled.

My map page states coming soon

The map page is a new feature to be released in the next version of this software.

I always get the message 'Calculating Your IT Status Please Check Again Soon'

You will need to ensure you have an active data connection to enable this to work properly, sometime this can be as a result of no network coverage, check that you have a mobile phone signal, failing that check with your service provider.

My position on the 'who's it' table changed even when I stayed at home

Your statistics are calculated over a 5 day accumulative score, if you have had more interactions than other people in the days prior to your day at home then your score will reflect that.

Why can't I find my name on the 'who's it' table?

Your given name will only appear on the site table once you have recorded interactions with other people for a complete 24 hour period, your statistics will be calculated and your score will then be added to the 'who's it' table.

How long do I have to wait to find my 'It' Status?

Our server updates your score once every 24 hours, based upon every other players input for that day, so if your score is not available wait until tomorrow morning and check again.

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About You're So It!

You're So It™ is a fun game that measures how socially active you are with other people compared to other people in your area. By collecting people you interact with on a daily basis, players of the game can be rated against each other and the people they spend time with to measure their popularity.

We welcome you to the party, come and join us anytime.

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